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Portable Restrooms

Options To Fit Any Occasion 

Our portable restrooms can be seen on job sites and at special events throughout Stanly County. We can accommodate any size event, from the largest construction site to a one-person remodel job. Our units are well maintained and come supplied with hand sanitizer dispensers.

Think of us for your next special event, whether it is a small backyard pool party, or a large wedding or social gathering.

Convenient & Sanitary 

Because a portable toilet does not use traditional plumbing, a powerful deodorizing chemical is used to disinfect and manage waste. These chemicals are what make the water in the bottom of the units blue. Portable restrooms do not require any special hookups, making them simple to use in any location. Long-term portable restroom rentals are serviced weekly and resupplied with paper, sanitizer & chemicals.  They are also pumped and cleaned weekly. Portable restrooms can be placed on any level surface as long as a service pump truck can access the toilet (within 40 ft).

Not Sure How Many Units To Order? 

●     0 to 50 people for 1 to 3 hours: 1 unit

       ○     >3 hours: 2 units

●     51-100 people for 1 to 4 hours: 2 units

       ○     >4 hours: 3 units

●     For construction sites, 1 unit will service approximately 10 workers for a 40-hour workweek.

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